Cassandra Henry Hopper
Apollo Afia Fields
Aries Tashi Condelee
Pythia Paola Revenioti
Store Clerk John Sweet
Astrologers Cynthia MacAdams, Jack Taub, Doug Lee
Psychics Veronica Monae, Silvia Romero, James Raymond

Writing, Editing, Direction Margaret Haines
Writing Assistance Tashi Condelee, Henry Hopper
Astrological Assistance Cynthia MacAdams, Jack Taub
Music and Original Score Patrick Dyer
Production Manager Teague Schneiter
Production Assistant Nick Flessa
Storyboard Jacob Winkler
Assistant Director Giulia Caruso
Cinematography Dan O
Sound Recordist Jake Viator
Sound Design Sharkee
DIT Chip Yamata
Lighting Andrew Clark
Steadicam Ted Newsome
Makeup Sarah Hall
Styling Alexandra Cassaniti
Snake It's Your Birthday, with Nav Navarone
Store Courtesy of Joseph Kaseye
Studio Courtesy of Alex Becerra

Supported in part by the Canada Council for the Arts