'Know It All: Paola with AnnaMaria & Greta

An open to public film shooting of a discussion with artists Paola Revenioti, Margaret Haines and AnnaMaria Pinaka. The making of a script towards the notion of the common good, a generalized overturn of familial relationships and other contracts. Artaud's short play Spurt of Blood will be loosely recited by those present as the dirty song of union (or goodness?). The evening’s activities will be live-streamed to Butcher's Tears, and the recording will be edited towards a short film, to be later presented at Rozenstraat in Amsterdam. Please be noted that your appearance might be recorded.

Thursday, May 25th, duration: 8-11pm (3h) 2017
Pireos str. 1, Athens, 2nd fl.,#7